Jace Fogleman’s debut album now available everywhere!!

Jace Fogleman’s debut self-titled album is now officially available everywhere!

“I can honestly say that music is the love of my life. Having begun singing at age three, I can truly say that music has always been there for me – through the ups and downs. My admiration for jazz music is deepened through its lyrical stories. It is my pleasure to bring some of my favorites to you – many of which originated on Broadway nearly a century ago and are just as relevant today.

I would like to thank my parents and family for their endless support; my producer, Karl Bingle, for signing me to his label; and the outstanding musicians that were kind enough to share their talent and time. To you, my listeners who make this worthwhile: enjoy my album as much as I enjoyed working on it. As the song goes, ‘I got a funny feeling we’re parting now as friends.”

-Jace Fogleman

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